About our Privacy Policies

Because we target English-speaking users more broadly, we have to include an awful lot of privacy policies. Here is some more info.

You sell my data?!

Under US law, giving any data to a third party for processing in exchange for a service is considered to be ‘selling data’, even if you do not receive payment for that data. So, using an analytics platform, for example, is considered ‘selling’ data. We use two third parties to manage processes that involve data:

  • Google Analytics, which we use to monitor the performance of our magazine. This helps us assess which content is the most successful and what topics you want to learn more about.
  • Mailchimp. We use this service to manage our newsletters. If you choose to sign up for our newsletter, your email is added to a mailing list managed through Mailchimp.

That’s it! We do not ‘sell’ data in any other way to any other third parties.

You can always choose to stop your data being collected on this site by toggling the settings on the cookie banner.

I don’t live in the EU – where can I see the privacy policies that apply to me?

Right here:

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