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…where the experts weigh in on sustainable food and nutrition.

As the climate crisis becomes impossible to ignore, we’re increasingly asked to make good choices for our own health and the planet’s well-being – whether at the grocery store or the ballot box. 

But that’s a big ask: sustainability and nutrition are both complex topics. Between misinformation on social media, fad diets, corporate greenwashing and lobbies, fake news and well-meaning but uninformed vloggers, it’s hard for consumers to find reliable, evidence-based information.

That’s why our content is expert-driven. Here you’ll find peer-reviewed articles written by sustainability researchers; interviews with experts within and outside of academia; and short reads on key terms and concepts in the field, which are reviewed for accuracy.

Meet Our Editor

Julia Bolotina holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where she studied as a Gates Scholar. Her thesis focused on socio-economic factors affecting access to medical care and knowledge in the Middle Ages — so how knowledge spreads beyond centres of learning has long been a topic close to her heart. 

Julia brings with her more than a decade of editing experience, first alongside her studies and now full time. She has edited academic publications as well as general-audience blogs, and in her day job she is an editor at an established online magazine.

Much of her work has focused on bridging the gap between experts and general audiences, and bringing specialist knowledge to the public. She is grateful for the opportunity to use this experience to help shed light on the complex and vitally important topic of sustainable food. 

Meet Our Copy Editor

Martha Jackson is a content writer, journalist and translator with experience across a range of sectors, from interior design to cybersecurity. A passionate advocate of environmental awareness, she has worked on creative translation projects for many sustainable businesses and written articles on environmental issues for several publications. 

Outside her writing and translation work, Martha is currently studying for a master’s degree in journalism and assisting with research into wastewater reuse and environmental communication at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). She hopes to help promote the vital importance of sustainable farming and nutrition through her work with For All the Fish.

About Our Logo

Our logo was created by Kirsten Schroder. Kirsten is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator originally from Texas who found herself in Berlin, Germany, one day and never looked back. Her work ranges from branding, packaging, and UI/UX design to children’s book illustrations and anything in between.

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